1. Stardust

From the recording Stardust

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Title track of my latest album Stardust (2012)


Star Dust

I wanna die happy, so i don't wanna die now
Don't want this to be the last taste in my mouth
I wanna go down singing hallelu
For the gift of this star dust my soul's passin' through

I wanna die knowing the children I'll raise
If only to live to see such a day
I want to see my mama with a child of my own
Just to savor the comforts of something like home

But I don't want this no, no
I don't want this no, no

I wanna die faithful that we did all that we could
That we didn't do anything just 'cause we should
I wanna go out the way that I came
As bare and unbroken as I wish we'd remain

I wanna die knowing the pain I've begotten
And let any hope in regrets be forgotten
I want this tree to fall in a forest that hears
My last breath and knows they've got nothing to fear