Adhamh's heart was broken, opened, and set on a lifelong path in 2003 when he attended a residential anti-oppression institute for youth. This powerful coming of age experience illuminated the embedded systems of over and under-valuing people.  Adhamh's life's work is to get curious about, illuminate, and challenge these systems in the name of connection and liberation....and collaborate with people to do the same.

Adhamh returned as a facilitator and curriculum director to that formative program for many years maintaining a relationship with youth leaders in St. Louis for over a decade.

After years of engaging in social justice trainings and activism, Adhamh noticed (shame and call out culture) a deep need for healing, creativity and liberation as active components in the work of undoing oppression. In 2004 he found the medicine he was seeking when he came across the work of Dr. Leticia Nieto who created a model for anti-oppression development and practices for liberatory relationships.

The Mosaic Project was the next community where Adhamh continued working in social justice contexts with young people as a facilitator, curriculum developer and puppeteer. In 2012 he began facilitating and training with the social-emotional learning organization Soul Shoppe where he continues to train elementary school students on peer-mediated, restorative justice practices and works to bring anti-oppression consciousness to the organization.

After training with Dr. Leticia Nieto for over six years, Adhamh now leads workshops on her model as a certified Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment trainer

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